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My Story

I live for natural lighting, beautiful landscapes, genuine smiles, and for my clients to feel like I’m not even there. Humor is my strong suit and coffee is life.

My editing style is what I would describe as “moody with a golden tone”, but I can adjust my artistic curve to better suit your needs. Any session can either be indoors or out, just remember that what seems like the worst weather can give the best results!

I balance my time between Western Massachusetts and Northern New Hampshire, so if you're interested in unique locations, I would love to help you select one. Mountains, lakes, parks, or comfortably at home, it's entirely up to you!


Please feel free to check out any of my galleries here, and cyber stalk me on Instagram @HannahJosephinePhoto. If you’re curious or have more questions, email me and we can chat.

Anything can be customized and creativity is everything! Having your pictures taken doesn’t have to be awkward, I pinky swear to make it fun!

I hope to talk to you soon!


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