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90 Minutes

10 digital photos with print release
Are your in-laws in town? A brother flying in for 48 hours? The
cousins haven’t been photographed together, like, ever, and you
REALLY want a multigenerational photo before little Johnny goes into a full blown goth phase? This is for you. We can get all the family

combinations you want, and you can finally scratch this off your TO DO list. I’ll even pick your side in an argument with your surly mother-in-law if you need an extra boost. 

60 Minutes

5 Digital photos with print release
Do you have a bunch of littles that you worry about taking to Target,
never mind sitting for pictures? This option is perfect for you. We can
spend time working out the wiggles, everyone can relax, and then the
real smiles and personalities can come out.


30 Minutes

3 Digital photos with print release
This is great for when you need a holiday card or an updated family
photo. Limited to 5 people and works best when everyone can focus and follow directions. Not ideal for irritated partners who are missing "the big game" or toddlers off their nap schedule. 




90 Minutes

10 digital photos with print release
Have a unique idea? Let’s talk, I LOOOOOVE to get creative and this will give us all the time to do it!


60 Minutes

5 Digital photos with print release
You just got engaged, pregnant, adopted a puppy, bought a house, graduated? You know, those big life milestones that are crazy stressful? Let’s make it look crazy beautiful, too.


30 Minutes

3 Digital photos with print release
This is perfect for when you need an updated headshot for work or if
you need something for social media that will make your Ex regret
everything. You can also grab your significant other or bestie and make some fun memories.



Hey Fitness Friends! I may be Crossfit retired now, but I still have big love for the sport and for Fitness all around.

Book this session so you can show your grandchildren
someday what a badass you are. You’ve worked hard for those muscles, so show them off! Find a larger collection of my work on Pain Face Photography 

At this time, I am offering a Mini Session for Crossfit and Fitness. If you're looking for something more, we can customize to your needs. 


20 minutes
2 poses (I suggest 1 gymnastic, 1 lift)
5 digitals with print release


Do you have a competition coming up and you want to catalogue all your pain faces and adrenaline? You can book me by hour or for the whole day, and you can split it with your teammates. This is entirely customizable and location based, so let’s chat in person about pricing.


I love working with professionals to help showcase their talents and products. Shoot me an email and we can customize a proposal that best  suits your needs. From Hair Stylists, to children’s handmade boutique clothing, and new business openings, I’ve got you covered!




Have you or a lady in your life ever wanted to put on an incredible dress and wear every piece of sparkle jewelry in the box? Welcome to Capsule Sessions. 

While every photo is something to be treasured, these particular sessions are meant to be placed in a capsule. These will be the pictures that get framed and celebrated and shown to future generations. These moments are also meant to be timeless and inclusive to all ages and life stages. Little girls, Prom Dresses, Wedding, Maternity, Silver... no moment is excluded. 


Overwhelmed? Don't be! I have a unique knowledge of boutique dresses and accessories, and can fit any budget.  

Session pricing will mimic that of portrait, but may fluctuate based on location and wardrobe. All details will be outline prior to session. 

Update: The Client Closet is now open! Please reference my Instagram stories for full listing of available dresses. 

Rental cost is an additional $25.00 to the session fee and includes accessories, if desired. 


Headshots are essential these days. People want to put a face to a name and make sure you're not the next Craigslist Killer or Nigerian Prince.  Whether it's for acting, modeling, your business web page, or social media and beyond, you can trust me to pose you and flawlessly edit your best self!

Basic sessions with simple seamless paper or office setting start at $200.00 for a 20 minute session and include 3 high resolution digital downloads. 



I live for their creativity  and showcasing each of their unique personalities. Listen, senior pictures are not what they were in our day. We can take the time and get a traditional head shot, but then... LET'S PLAY.  Sports, fashion, hobbies, cars, animals, let's do it!

Senior packages start at $400 for an hour session and include 5 high resolution digital downloads. This gives us ample time for outfit and location changes. Customization available. 

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